X Motor and Belt Assembly

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Qty Name
1 10 tooth pulley
1 3mm Nut
5 3mm bolts, 8mm long
1 Stepper Motor
1 24 inch belt
1 5/16 hex head bolt, 1 inch long
2 1 1/2 inch OD, 5/16 washers
1 3/4 inch OD, 5/16 washer
1 608 Bearing


2.5 mm Hex Wrench

Philips Screwdriver

5/16 open end wrench


Xmm.jpg Xid.jpg


1) Attach a 10 tooth pulley (A) to a motor with an 8mm bolt and nut.

2) Attach the Stepper Motor (B) to the X Motor mount (C) using 4 of the 8mm bolts (D).

3) On a 1 inch long 5/16 hex head bolt (E), mount a 1 1/2 inch OD washer (F), a 608 Bearing (G), another 1 1/2 inch OD washer (F), and a 3/4 inch washer (H).

4) Screw that bolt into the back side of the X Idler (J).

5) Thread a 24 inch belt (K) around the pulley you just built, through the 10 tooth pulley on the X Motor and bring the ends into the back of the X-carriage.

6) The Belt ends go through the sides of the carriage and up through the center.

7) Use the #6 nuts and bolts to tighten the X Carriage grip on the belt.

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