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Wikis are fun. You can explore them almost forever.

It can be even more fun to help create one.

You try to look up information, and it doesn't exist. So you find out the information in some other way, come back and create a page about it or add to someone else's page. You can throw the information in there any way you want.

Later, you go back to 'your' page, and find that it has been altered. Other people have cleaned it up, organized it, added pictures, drawings and links.

You learn from those alterations. You start to see the larger structure. You added a new board, and other people turned it into an entire room, then connected it to a hallway. You look down the hallway and see a thousand other rooms, and elevators to other floors. You glimpse other people dashing around, building and repairing everywhere.

So join me. Add a board. Paint a wall. Alter anything and everything.

Start here: Test

At some point, we will probably have to have rules and people to enforce them, lol.

Wiki Task list:

The idea here is to look at the list, find something that you can do, then do it. Once in a while, find something that you can't do, and figure out how to do it.

Add one item to the Part Numbering system (10 creator points)

Correct something in someone else's wiki page (10 organizer points)

Follow 5 links and make sure that they go to the right place (10 explorer points)

Add 1 item to the Wiki Task list (10 management points)

Alter the main page to be more attractive or informative (10 marketing points)