Using slic3r with pronterface

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Using Slic3r with Pronterface

By default, pronterface will use skeinforge to generate Gcode. Skeinforge works well but is very slow for complicated models. You can optionally use Slic3r, a new and improved slicing program, instead.


  • Download Slic3r and copy it into your /Applications folder
  • Launch Slic3r and adjust any settings to your liking (see the configuration section below) then choose the 'Save configuration…' button. Save the slicer INI file to a location of your choosing. Quit Slic3r.
  • Open Pronterface and go to the Settings -> Options menu
  • You will be replacing the slicecommand and sliceoptscommand options as follows:

slicecommand: /Applications/ $s --load /full/path/to/your/INI_file --output $o
sliceoptscommand: /Applications/ --load /full/path/to/your/INI_file --ignore-nonexistent-config

  • Close the Options window
  • You're done!

Note: You will replace /full/path/to/your/INI_file with the actual filesystem path where you saved your Slic3r INI. If you are not sure of the full path you can locate the file using Finder, then Get Info on it (Cmd-I) to see the full path to the directory.

Note 2: If you are comfortable working at the command-line then you can edit your ~/.pronsolerc file to update the command paths instead of using the Options menu. Add (or update) the following lines:

set slicecommand /Applications/  $s --load /full/path/to/your/INI_file --output $o
set sliceoptscommand /Applications/ --load /full/path/to/your/INI_file  --ignore-nonexistent-config


The precompiled version at is the easiest way to get up and running. As of the March 2012 update it uses Slic3r by default.


Configuring Slic3r (all platforms)

At a minimum, you must tell Slic3r where the center of your print bed is. From pronterface go to Settings -> Slicing Settings to open the Slic3r config window. Under the Printer and Filament tab set the Print Center in mm. For printrbot this will be 75x75, for printrbot+ use 100x100. Be sure to save your config.

In Pronterface open the Settings -> Options menu and confirm that bed_size_x and bed_size_y are set to the correct size for your printer. For printrbot this will be 150x150, for printrbot+ it is 200x200.

See the settings section on the software page for details on additional options.