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Visual Troubleshooting Guide

Pictured here are some examples of failed and/or poor-quality prints and some suggested corrections.

Lincomatic has a good blog entry on Printrbot tuning.

Slic3r Configuration

Apart from tightening belts and leveling the print surface, most of the detailed tuning will take place in Slic3r. While the Getting Started Guide does take some first steps on configuring Slic3r, further tuning could significantly improve prints. This section will reference places that people have found to assist in detailed Slic3r tuning.

Slic3r is Nicer

RichRap has put together a detailed tutorial on calibration using Slic3r 0.5.7. While the current version is much higher and the UI is slightly different, the basic concepts and fields are still valid and the background knowledge will be useful long after the UIs are changed or if different tools are used.

The guide is in three parts:

Extruder Issues

If your filament isn't feeding well or at all there are a few things to check:

Is the extruder making clacking, grinding or other noises?

  • incorrectly aligned gears herringbone gears are especially sensitive to this, make sure the cheverons are well aligned. You can leave the set screw a bit loose on the small gear and run the motor a bit and it will walk align itself the last little bit. DO NOT forget to tighten that set screw after a few minutes.
  • Stepper motor turned too far down doesn't have enough power to drive filament turn pot on printrboard back to 6 o'clock position and see if issue resolves itself
  • Nut on the hobbed bolt has vibrated and moved up against the bearing and the stepper can't turn the gears Back the nut off, consider a nylon locking nut in this location or a jam nut. This sometimes shows up as stuttering before things get to where they totally jam up

Gears turning correctly but still nothing is being extruded?

  • stripped filament This will happen if your hobbed bolt is turning and the filament isn't moving. Eventually you can grind nearly all the way through the filament. Be sure and clean up all the spare plastic dust you can, because otherwise you will just keep stripping more filament.
  • clogged hobbed bolt -- if you have stripped a lot of filament and you've brushed it off a few times it's possible the deepest parts of the grooves are full of your ground up filament, cleaning with acetone works great on ABS, a brass or bronze brush can also be very helpful.
  • clogged nozzle If your filament had some sort of impurities in it that won't fit through the tip things will get stuck. Carefully remove the tip (look for instructions) and try cleaning the inside with acetone to remove residue.
  • poor alignment of hot end to extruder the filament can't make turns of very small radius. Remove hobbed bolt, loosen screws holding hot end in place, use filament or a small 2.5mm diameter metal rod to verify alignment and hold the alignment while tightening the screws that hold the hot end in place.

Printrbot Problem Report and Bug Tracking

Issue tracking system use to manage and maintains lists of problem report and bug.

Printrbot Problem Report and Bug Tracking Log