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Not quite instructions on putting together the printrbox, but hopefully these images can save others some head scratching that I went through.

Sides with connectors attached. 6 connectors total are used.

PrintrBox 1.jpg

Shelf showing position of multi-connector. 4 of these are used and they create anchor points on the shelf of the box to anchor the bot with.

PrintrBox 2.jpg

Sides with shelf attached.

PrintrBox 3.jpg

Bottom section completed with mounting points. I used the long screws and 4 hex nuts here.

PrintrBox 4.jpg

Sides in place. The next step is to attach the top to the sides before installing the front and back panels.

PrintrBox 5.jpg

Almost done, I left the front panel off for now so I can place the bot inside. Since I don't have an LC I will need to figure out some mounting strategy. Also there is no passage for the power cable to enter the top portion of the box, so some drilling will be necessary. Finally I want to figure out a way of mounting the electronics to the side of the box so it it not wedged under the bot.

PrintrBox 6.jpg