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Bill of Materials

Official BOM on

Assembling a printrbot +

Before you start assembling please choose your correct voltage on the power supply. You will forget when you have all the stuff assembled ;-)

Flat your X, Y and E (extruder) motor shafts as detailed on this forum post on flatting the motors by CL1. Z motors should not be flatted if you are using the Stock printed couplers.

Label the connectors for the different wires. When they are threaded into the base of the bot it can be hard to work out which is which. There have been many reports of the bed thermistor cable being plugged into the extruder thermistor connector on the board and vice versa.

Arrow markers engraved into the plywood should all face toward the front of the printrbot. Please note that the Y-axis screw was missing and I had to get one in hardware store. The head was too big and needed to be replaced when assembling the z-axis (diffrent from original, see pictures at the end). Metric screws for the motors we replaced by longer screws as well. Nuts for z axis were also missing (may be different from original).

The Hotend has a red high-temperature plastic sleeve which can slide along the Hotend. Be sure to slide it up so that the nozzle is visible for about 5mm before printing! If you forget to do this, the red sleeve will catch the filament and ruin the print. Don't forget that it will be HOT enough to burn you badly when the Hot end has been on for as little as 30 seconds!

The hot bed did not get above 105° celsius, so I put it on spacers. If you do so, please make sure that the contacts on the backside of the hot bed are isolated. Some builders use cork or corrugated cardboard as an insulator between the HeatBed and PrintBed. You will also want to confirm the ACTUAL temperature compared to the software. It is typical that the indicated software temperature will be 5-15 degrees LOWER than the actual temperature.

Pics at this link can be sorted by filename to get them in the order of the build process. assembling process

Since the LC and PB+ are almost identical, it may be worth looking at the Printrbot LC Assembly instructions too.

Assembly Instructions by badger

Assembly Videos

Further notes