Printrbot+ Z Assembly

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Previous Step

These instructions assume you have done all the previous steps from these instructions.

Z assembly

Required parts:

  • Vinyl Tube - 0.75" (I'm not sure how it should come in the kit since in mine it was missing, you need two approx 15mm (0.5 - 0.7 inch) long pieces)
  • 2x 12mm x 13" Smooth Rod
  • 11" Threaded Rod
  • 8x Nut - Hex - #6-32
  • 8x Bolt - #6-32 1"
  • 2x Nut - Hex - 5/16"-18
  • Assembled base
  • Assembled bridge with the X-carriage
  • Printed (or cast) parts: 4x Z-Coupler Half
  • Laser-cut parts: 131 (if you didn't glue it to the 130 earlier)

Before you start with this step consider attaching the electronics board According to Electronics & Wiring chapter. It's much easier before you insert the 12mm rods in the base.

Put the vinyl tubes on the shafts. Insert the 12mm rods in the holes in the base. The holes for the rods are really firm. That's necessary, don't file them! Instead try to rotate and wiggle the rod a bit while inserting. Assure you have inserted the rod completely up to the 106 laser-cut parts.

Pbp assy z-assembly 01.jpg

Assemble the couplers. You might need to file/drill the bolt holes a bit. Note the the hole has two different diameters!

Pbp assy z-assembly 02.jpg

Bolt the larger nuts somewhere on the middle of the threaded rods. Slightly (by hand is sufficient for now) tighten the smaller side of the couplers on the threaded rods. Tighten both bolts simultaneously to achieve as symmetrical a grip as possible. On the picture you can see the original PB coupler on top, on the bottom you can see some coupling for Prusa mendel I took "from my shelf". I used those because I was too lazy to file the couplings from the PB+ kit.

Pbp assy z-assembly 03.jpg

Attach the couplings to the motor shaft. Again tighten all bolts in parallel. No need to have the rod perfectly aligned but try to be as precise as possible.

Pbp assy z-assembly 04.jpg

Carefully (you don't want to break the linear bearings, and also you don't want to damage the print-bed with the hot-end of the extruder) slide the bridge on the 12mm rods. Note the orientation of the nuts against the groove on the bridge.

Pbp assy z-assembly 05.jpg

If you didn't glue the Z-endstop yet it's time to do it now. You can use some box and the weight of the bridge to hold the piece in place while the glue dries.

Pbp assy z-assembly 06.jpg

Next Step

The next step is to wire the electronics.