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Warning, just a working version so far (some photos and notes I made during taking those photos). Text will follow (hopefully) soon.

Previous Step

These instructions assume you have done at least the assembly prep, the first step from extruder assembly and the bridge assembly.

Step 1: Assemble X Carriage

Required parts:

  • 2x LM8UU Bearing
  • 4x 35312 Retainer Ring
  • 3x Nut #6-32
  • 1x Washer - #6
  • 4x Nut #6-32 (square nuts or filed hexnuts, described in text)
  • 1x Bolt - #6-32 0.5"
  • 2x Bolt - #6-32 1.25"
  • 2x 13_Shaft_8mm 8mm x 13" Smooth Rod
  • Laser-Cut Parts: 173, 172, 170, 174, 171

Attach the Retainer Rings to the LM8UU bearings. If you're having trouble getting it on, hold one side of it flat against the top and force the other side until it clicks on. Once on properly you should be able to spin them around.

Pbp assy x-carriage 01 01.jpg

Attach Laser-Cut Parts 172, 173 and 174 together and slot the bearings in place. Please note the difference between part 174 and 170, there is a little screwhole notch for the X Stop Screw, so make sure the orientation matches up to the pictures below. The retainer rings do not go through the little slots in part 172, rather, they slot in the gap between part 172 and 174. Once they're in place, attach the top (Part 270) and loosely screw it on (tighten the 0.5" screw. now too).

Pbp assy x-carriage 01 02.jpg Pbp assy x-carriage 01 03.jpg Pbp assy x-carriage 01 04.jpg

The next part involves attaching the plate to keep the whole lot together (Part 171). If you have square nuts, insert them into the holes pictured. If you do not have square nuts (my kit only came with hex nuts), they won't fit properly! You can fix this by carefully filing/dremelling 2 sides of the nuts down a little bit, or very carefully filing the wood a bit so they fit (it's only out by ~1mm on either side). Pop it all together and put the 1.25" bolt in.

Pbp assy x-carriage 01 05.jpg

At this point, you can now put the 2 8mm Smooth Rods in.

Pbp assy x-carriage 01 06.jpg

Step 2: Attach X Carriage to Bridge

Required parts:

  • 8x Nut #6-32
  • 8x Bolt - #6-32 1.5" (38.1mm)
  • Laser-Cut Parts: 2x152, 2x153
  • Preassembled Bridge,
  • Preassembled X-Carriage from Step 1

Insert the two 153 pieces to the Bridge then put the X-Carriage to fit in the slots (it only fits one way with the tail end of the X-Carriage fitting in the hole in the bridge). Attach and screw on the two 152 pieces. Make sure the X-Carriage can move forward and backward smoothly before moving onto the next step.

Pbp assy x-carriage 02 01.jpg Pbp assy x-carriage 02 02.jpg Pbp assy x-carriage 02 03.jpg Pbp assy x-carriage 02 04.jpg

Step 3: Add Extruder

Required parts:

  • Nut #6-32
  • 4x Bolt - #6-32 0.5" (12.7mm)
  • 4x Bolt - #6-32 0.5" (12.7mm) (for attaching the two parts of the carriage together, Only 0.5" fits, but only 0.75" was remaining from my kit, so.. maybe you will need to cut these from a longer ones)
  • 2x Bolt - #6-32 0.5" (12.7mm) or 0.75" (19.05mm) (I'd prefer the 0.75" and washer, but for your extruder 0.5" without washer might be long enough as well. Use the 0.75" bolts and washers for the Wooden Extruder.)
  • 2x Washer - #6 (if 0.75" bolts used for extruder, see above)
  • 8x Washer - #6
  • Assembled Extruder
  • Laser-Cut Parts:192, 2x191, 190

Attach the 190, 2x191 and 192 parts together using the 0.5" bolts. Attach the extruder next, if you're using a wooden extruder, use 0.75" bolts and washers (see above). You may also need to temporarily remove the tensioner part from the side of the extruder to get your screwdriver in to tighten up the screws.

Attach the extruder now to the X Carriage using 4x0.5" bolts + washers and tighten it up. It should still move freely side to side!

Pbp assy x-carriage 03 01.jpg Pbp assy x-carriage 03 02.jpg Pbp assy x-carriage 03 03.jpg

Step 4: Attach X Drive Belt

  • longer timing belt
  • 2x ziptie
  • Laser-Cut Parts: 175 (might not be necessary)

Pbp assy x-carriage 04 01.jpg Pbp assy x-carriage 04 02.jpg Pbp assy x-carriage 04 03.jpg

Next Step

The next step is to continue with the Z Assembly .