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Replacements For Belt Drive Pulleys

10 tooth pulleys MCMaster Carr toothed pulleys 3/16" will need to be drilled to 5mm

Upgrade x and y axis drive to Gates GT2 belts and pulleys

Details with photos can be found here:

Replacements For Z-axis bearings and Threaded Rods

Discussion at printrbottalk forum thread

LME12UU bearings VXB Linear Bearings

Threaded Brass Rod McMaster Brass Threaded Rod and CL1's recommendation on the forum.

ACME Threaded Rod Upgrade

Upgrade to more precision lead screws ACME Threaded Rod thread in forum

Part numbers and photos can be found here:

Improved Power Supply

Simply replace the Diablotek power supply with a better one. It must be capable of putting at least 13 amps on the 12 volt lines, but you want more than that to be safe. The Diablotek sully puts out 15 amps, but for the plus you need to use the Y - joiner to make sure that all of the voltage is available to the printer.

See CL's post about | power supply ratings for more details.

You may also need to put a load on the 5V output to allow the supply to provide full and stable power on the 12V rails. For more details about it see this | instructable about turning a computer PSU into a benchtop supply.

Fan Cooling the Base

The circuit board and the motors in the base can get generate a lot of heat, and since it is enclosed with wires impeding the air flow, there is not much room for passive cooling. So you could add fans to the base as proposed by CL in this forum post about | adding fan cooling. He was proposing it in the context of making use of the 5V rails on the power supplies (because it is a good idea to put load on them to stabilize the 12V rails).

Heated Bed Surface Plates

Filament Guides

Leveling the Bed

Improved Stepper Motors

This forum post on improved stepper motors recommends Lin Engineering WO-4118L-01 or WO-4118M-01 for the X/Y/E motors and the WO-4118S-01 for the Z. These are untested, so please read the thread for details.

Cable Management

Photos of cable management strategies

External Guides