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Previous Step

These instructions assume you have done all the previous steps from these instructions.

Step 1

Required parts:

  • 4x Nylon Spacer - 16mm
  • 3x Bolt - #6-32 1"
  • 1x Bolt M3x20mm
  • 1x Printrboard (detailed info about the board is available on the RepRap Printrboard wiki page.)

It is better to perform this step as late as possible in order to avoid damaging the electronics. The best time to do it is just before mounting the Z-rods in the base. After that it's much more complicated.

Note that the rev. B board has one hole smaller thus a M3 bolt instead of the 6/32" is needed in that corner (also the hole in the plywood in that corner is smaller).

Both M3 and and 6/32" should "self-tap" in the plywood.

Take care of the orientation of the board. You need to face the SD card slot and the USB connector against the holes.

Start with the side closer to the motor (the one with the M3 bolt) put the bolt in the electronics, slide on the spacers and carefully put in the base with the screws and spacers in the base and bolt it. Dont tighten yet, you need the board to move a bit to allow you easy slide in the spacers on the other side.

On the following picture note the orientation of the black M3 bolt in the top right corner. Also note the position of the USB connector and the SD card slot and the corresponding holes.

Pbp assy electronics 01.jpg

Step 2

  • move the bridge to the top most positon, move the x-carriage on the right end of the bridge, lay the bot on the side before you start
  • note that all connectors are described on the PCB
  • note that the extruder cables are short (consider extending it, refer to forum)
  • mention the Y-cable for power supply (not pictured)
  • mention some cable protection
  • mention drilling some holes to the base/bridge to attaching the cabling with ziptie (need a little thinking to make it "wise")
  • note the motor driver potentiometers settings ("4 o'clock" position?)

Pbp assy electronics 02.jpg Pbp assy electronics 03.jpg Pbp assy electronics 04.jpg Pbp assy electronics 05.jpg Pbp assy electronics 06.jpg Pbp assy electronics 07.jpg Pbp assy electronics 08.jpg Pbp assy electronics 09.jpg Pbp assy electronics 10.jpg