Printrbot+ Bridge Assembly

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Warning, just a working version so far (some photos and notes I made during taking those photos). Text will follow (hopefully) soon.

Previous Step

These instructions assume you have done at least the assembly prep and the first step from extruder assembly.


The order of particular steps in this tutorial is slightly differs from the Brooks videos.

Step 1: Attach Linear Bearings

Required parts:

  • 4x LM12UU (or maybe LME12UU I'm not sure but in my LC part fits LM12UU)
  • 8x zip-tie (if you have longer ones in your package use the longer ones)
  • Laser-Cut Parts: 132

You can start by attaching the linear bearings to the bridge base. It will make Step 4 slightly more difficult, but it helps orientat the part in the first steps. The other option is to attach the bearings after Step 4.

If you decide to perform this step now, double-check that the orientation of the laser cut part is the same as on the following picture. I had no LM12UU in the kit so I printed a replacement from natural ABS (I had no PLA on hand) on my Makerbot ToM. Imagine that the white cylinders are LM12UU linear bearings. ;) Maybe I'll one day replace them with LM12UU if printrbot answers my request for the missing part. :)

Pbp assy bridge 01 01.jpg

Step 2: Assemble Z Drive Spacers

Required parts:

  • 1x Nut - Hex - #6-32
  • 1x Bolt - #6-32 0.5"
  • 1x Washer - #6
  • Laser-Cut Parts: 134, 154, 151, 150

Note the orientation of holes in 134, and 154

tighten yet?

Pbp assy bridge 02 01.jpg Pbp assy bridge 02 02.jpg Pbp assy bridge 02 03.jpg Pbp assy bridge 02 04.jpg

Step 3: Attach Z Drive Spacer

Required parts:

  • 1x 5/16"x31mm bolt (the black one with filed head in my package)
  • 1x 5/16" nut
  • 1x 5/16" locking nut
  • 1x Bolt - #6-32 1"
  • 1x Nut - Hex - #6-32
  • 1x 608ZZ Bearings (shielded skate bearings)
  • 2x Fender Washer - 1.25" (strange I got have one 1" and one 1.5" :) thus on the photos there is 2x M8x30 fender washer )
  • Laser-Cut Parts: 133, 132(optionally with linear bearings already attached according step 1)
  • Previous assembly

Assemble nut, note orientation of the "head" of the nut.

Pbp assy bridge 02 05.jpg Pbp assy bridge 02 06.jpg Pbp assy bridge 02 07.jpg Pbp assy bridge 02 08.jpg

Step 4: Attach X Stepper

Required parts:

  • 3x Bolt - #6-32 0.5"
  • 1x Bolt - #6-32 0.75"
  • 1x Bolt - #6-32 1.5"
  • 1x #6 washer
  • 5x Nut #6-32
  • 5x M3 x 8mm bolt
  • 1x M3 nut
  • 1x "807" X, Y, E Stepper Motors (the larger one) (42BYGH4807)

(motor shaft flatted at least at the half that is closer to the body, see assembly prep)

  • Laser-Cut Parts: 150, 130, 154, 120,121 (131 not necessary now, but it's easy from this step on)
  • Printed Parts: PULY XL belt pulley

Pbp assy bridge 04 01.jpg Pbp assy bridge 04 02.jpg Pbp assy bridge 04 03.jpg Pbp assy bridge 04 04.jpg Pbp assy bridge 04 05.jpg Pbp assy bridge 04 06.jpg Pbp assy bridge 04 07.jpg

Step 5: Attach X Endstop

Required parts:

  • 1x Zip Tie
  • 1x Endstop

Now's a good time to add in the X Stop. Use one of the small zip ties to attach the X Stop on the MOTOR SIDE. It will be quite a close fit once you get the belt on, as you can see in the picture I've had to run the cables in such a way that they don't catch the belt. (Ignore the extra parts that are attached, this was taken on a fully assembled printrbot+). -- Ducky Note: On the picture there is already the timing belt. You will most probably not have it there yet. Keep in mind, that the endstop wires should not touch it.

Bridge assembly xstop.jpg

Next Step

The next step is to assemble the X Carriage .