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This is just a rough working version. This page will contain the "bits and pieces" from the assembly notes on forum (or links to them).

Before you Begin Actual assembly

There are a few things to consider before you assemble your PrintrBot. See Step 0 of the detailed build directions at Assembly Notes for LC and Plus.

You may find it useful to refer to them throughout the build process. These detailed text directions use the 4 letter part names.

Tools that may be helpful

  • Various files
  • Needle files
  • Screwdrivers (which ones?)
  • Allen key (2.5mm? Am I correct?)
  • Pliers
  • X-Acto knife
  • Drill bits (3mm, 5mm, anything else?)
  • Another 3D printer? :) (for printing the parts more precisely)

Other useful hardware

  • Kapton tape (which width, or more?)
  • Glass for the heat-bed
  • Some heat insulation between the PCB and heat-bed
  • Glue for glueing wood (for the z-endstop, I have to think about other options)

Flat Your X, Y and Extruder Motor Shafts

Flat your X, Y and extruder motor shafts (not Z). Read for all info about this.

Some photos and additional ideas:

You may or example use a needle file (if you don't have "more sophisticated tool" but have a lot of patience) and a vise (or just grasp the shaft in the pliers if you don't have vise). You may want to draw a line (lengthwise) with permanent marker on the shaft in order to know if you are still filing the right side.

I used the plastic bag in order to avoid the iron sawdust getting in the motor bearings (CL1 describes covering the motor much more carefully than I did, I guess it's worth the time. The metal dust will destroy your motors if it gets inside or in the bearings).

Pbp assy prep 02.jpg

You can save some work and on the Y-motor by flattening only the outer half of the shaft; and on the x-motor and extruder motor you can flatten only the inner half. (I got this idea when I already flattened most of the y-motor shaft.)

Pbp assy prep 01.jpg Pbp assy prep 03.jpg

Video showing the shaft flattening and other prep work:

Step 0

Lightly sand and perhaps shellac the plywood parts to prevent moisture absorption. See step 0 of the Assembly Notes for LC and Plus for more details.

Video about tinting:

Step 0.1

Label the connectors for the different wires. When they are threaded into the base of the bot it can be hard to work out which is which. There have been many reports of the bed thermistor cable being plugged into the extruder thermistor connector on the board and vice versa.


The next step is to assemble the base