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Welcome to the leading edge of the most important technology in the world! 3D printers are: Open Source Hardware, Open Source Software, Crowd Sourced, Disruptive Technology.

You can use this and similar technology to create many of the things that you and your neighbors need! This will change the industrial structure of the entire world. Instead of driving several miles to a store to buy a product made thousands of miles away and transported across the ocean, you download a CAD file off of the internet and print it yourself! Get INVOLVED! Get your friends involved! Change the world!

The Printrbot is a low-cost RepRap. So far, 4 versions of the Printrbot have been created. It was designed to be simple and inexpensive to build and use. The general structure is similar to a Mendel or Prusa, but with a printed or laser-cut base and no extra support for the vertical Z axis. Successfully funded on the 17th of December, 2011, the kickstarter project was the second highest funded project ever, with 1808 contributors and a total of $830,827 in contributions.

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Assembly instructions
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Getting Started Guide

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