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BOM (Bill of Material), list of parts, for the LC Printrbot.

Printed parts - some printed parts are needed, even for the lasercut version

Qty Part # Name Where Found Second Source Picture
1 EXTR Extruder body thing:8252 caption=EXTR
1 EXID Extruder idler lever thing:8252 caption=EXID
1 LGGR Large Herringbone gear thing:8252 caption=LGGR
1 SMGR Small Herringbone gear thing:8252 caption=SMGR
3 YBAR P-shaped Y-bar end (holds the bed to the Y-bars) thing:16990 caption=YBAR
1 YBARBH P-shaped Y-bar end with bolt hole thing:16990 caption=YBARBH
2 CLIP Y-axis belt clip thing:16990 caption=CLIP
1 GUID Y-axis bearing guide thing:16990 caption=GUID
4 CPLR Z motor coupler halves thing:9622 caption=CPLR
2 PULY Belt pulleys (for X and Y axis motors) thing:16627 caption=PULY

LaserCut Parts

Base Assembly Parts

Qty Part # Code Name Picture
1 101 DEKC or LCBASE Deck LC caption=DEKC
1 102 FNTC or LCBR Front LC caption=FNTC
1 103 RRLC or LCBL Rear LC caption=RRLC
2 108 BSTR Base Stretcher (Shared with +) caption=BSTR
2 107 LRDC Lower Rod Support LC caption=LRDC
2 106 RDEP Rod End Plate (Shared with +) caption=RDEP
2 105 FOOT Foot (Shared with +) caption=FOOT
1 109 PCMT PCB PrintrBoard Mount caption=PCMT
1 104 ZLMT * Z Limit Switch Spacer (shared with +) (*part of COMS. If COMS is used, this part is not Kitted.) caption=ZLMT

Bridge Assembly Parts

Qty Part # Code Name Picture
1 132 XPLC or LCCAR X Plate LC (Also called the Bridge, even though it is only the largest of many parts which make up the Bridge assembly.) caption=XPLC
2 153 RSLC Rod Support LC (Plain, without hole for inner support) caption=RSLC
2 151 RSHC Rod Support Holed LC (Square Hole for NSPC, Outer Rod Support) caption=RSHC
2 154 NSPC Z Nut Support Plate LC (Looks very similar to + part. + NSPP has laser cut "+" to distinguish) caption=NSPC
2 150 REPC Rod End Plate LC caption=REPC
2 152 CVRC Rod Support Cover LC caption=CVRC
1 130 DOGL Dogleg (Left end of Carriage. Shorter than similar + part) caption=DOGL
1 120 XMPL X Motor Plate (Shared with +) caption=XMPL

Common Small Parts Note: The COMS part is cut to be one part with several pieces which can be snapped off. A kit may have EITHER 1 COMS or several equivalent loose parts.Most of the COMS pieces are used in the Bridge Assembly.

Qty Part # Code Name Picture
1 COMS Common Small parts (One of these contains all the *marked parts. Kit Either this Or them.) caption=COMS
1 131 SHOE * Shoe (Shared with +.) caption=SHOE
1 121 XMPS * X Motor Plate Support (Skinny cross-shaped stick. Triangle goes forward. Older part did not have triangle and was shorter. Length makes Nuttrap.) * caption=XMPS
1 133 CROS * Cross (Right End plate Upper spacer) caption=CROS
1 134 CRSS * Cross Support (Has hole for right NSPC. Right End plate Lower spacer.) caption=CRSS

Carriage Assembly Parts

Qty Part # Code Name Picture
1 171 CRPC Carriage Plate LC (Front Carriage Plate. Look similar to + Version, but has only one screw hole. + Carriage Plate has 2. Think +1hole.) caption=CRPC
1 173 CARR Carriage Rear LC (Belt attachment) caption=CARR
1 172 CARC Carriage Rear LC (Bearings, can use 2,3 or 4 linear bearings on carriage) caption=CARC
1 174 CRRC Carriage Right Plate (Hole and boss for Y Endstop actuating screw) caption=CRRC
1 170 CRLC Carriage Left Plate caption=CRLC
2 175 WEDG * Wedge (Belt tightening Wedge.)(Part of COMS. If COMS is present, this part is not kitted.) caption=WEDG
2 PBED Print Bed caption=PBED

Tool Assembly Parts (All shared with +)

Qty Part # Code' Name Picture
1 192 EXPL Extruder Plate (Shared with +. May be used in future as General tool mount plate) caption=EXPL
1 190 EXMT Extruder Mount (Shared with +) caption=EXMT
2 191 GUSS Gusset (Shared with +. In newest both have wiring holes, oldest have no holes, Transition has one with hole, one without. Hole on left) caption=GUSS


Qty Name Imperial Metric Where Found Second Source
Many laser cut pieces
2 Threaded rod for Z axis leadscrew 5/16, 10" M8, 250mm Hardware Store
4 Nuts for Z axis leadscrew 5/16 nuts M8 nuts Hardware Store
6 bearings 608ZZ 608ZZ Amazon
6 Linear rod 5/16, 4x10" (X and Z) 2x10.5" (Y) 8mm, 4x255mm (X and Z) 2x265mm (Y) Amazon
10 Linear bearings 5/16" 8mm Amazon
40 small tie wraps Hardware store
1 Control electronics Sanguinololu v1.3 or RAMPS or Generations 7 RepRap-USA For more info see Reprap wiki
4 A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Carriers
1 Power supply
3 NEMA 17 Stepper Motors, High torque (X, Y, E) CircuitSpecialists Zapp Automation
2 NEMA 17 Stepper Motors, Medium torque (Z) CircuitSpecialists Zapp Automation
3 End Stop switches, momentary
1 Hobbed Bolt for extruder
1 Hot End for extruder
2 Springs, idler tensioners 3/4" 8x20mm Hardware Store
1 Wooden bed, Laser cut
1 Heated Bed 6" 6" 152mm x 152mm RepRap-USA
1 Thermistor for heated bed RepRap-USA
1 X axis Belt XL or MXL, 24" T5 or T2.5, 600mm
1 Y axis Belt XL or MXL, 16" T5 or T2.5, 400mm
1 Bolt, hex head for X idler 5/16" x 1" M8x25mm Hardware store McMaster-Carr - Good source for a large variety of bolts, washers, nuts and other fasteners listed below.
2 fender washers for X idler 1" M8, 30mm diameter Hardware store
3 nuts M3 M3 Hardware store
16 Motor mount bolts M3 8mm M3 8mm Hardware store
2 bolts M3 20mm M3 20mm Hardware store
92 nut 6-32 UNC M3.5 or M4 (should fit) Hardware store
44 bolt 6-32 x 1/2" M3.5 or M4 x 12mm Hardware store
27 bolt 6-32 x 3/4" M3.5 or M4 x 20mm Hardware store
6 bolt 6-32 x 1" M3.5 or M4 x 25mm Hardware store
2 bolt 6-32 x 1.25" M3.5 or M4 x 32mm Hardware store
3 bolt 6-32 x 2" M3.5 or M4 x 50mm Hardware store
47 washers 6-32 M3.5 or M4 Hardware store
7 washers 1/4" x 3/4" O.D. 6.5mm x 20mm O.D. Hardware store
6 Square nuts 6-32 M3.5 or M4 Hardware store
1 capture nut 6-32 M3.5 or M4 Hardware store