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Qty Name
4 Y-Bar Ends
4 #6 Nuts
4 1 1/4 inch #6 bolts
2 10 inch 5/16" Smooth Rod
1 Laser cut print bed

NOTE: Some early print beds have the mounting holes drilled slightly further apart than they should be in the Y-direction. This means you'll either have to drill new holes, or live with the 4 Y-Bar Ends protruding slight past the end of the Smooth Rods.


X-acto knife

Philips screwdriver

5/16 Open End Wrench



1) Clean 4 Y-Bar Ends (A), so that the Smooth Rod (B) will fit into the openings (C) , and a #6 nut will fit into the bottom (D).

2) The Y-Bar Ends fit both front and back by flipping them. The bolt will be on the INSIDE, so orient each of them correctly before cleaning the hole and inserting the #6 nut.


3) Carefully push Smooth Rods (B) through Linear Bearings (E), already mounted on the Base.

4) Push Y-Bar Ends (A) onto Smooth Rods (B) with correct orientation.


5) Place Laser cut print bed (F) with orientation shown, on top of rails. Note: There are 4 ways to orient the Bed, only one way is correct.

6) On the left side, attach the Y-Bar Ends to the Bed by screwing in 1 1/4 inch, #6 bolts.


7) On the right side, adjust the right side base to line up the holes in the Bed with the holes in Y-Bar Ends. This is done by adjusting the top nuts on the top threaded bars of the right side base (Front and Back! Parallel and correct width!) When it seems correct, snug the nuts into place. Use the #6 bolts to attach the right Y-Bar Ends firmly to the Bed.

8) Slide the Bed back and forth to see if there is any drag. Examine the bottom of the Bed to see if the motor shaft is touching. If it is, you have probably warped the Bed by having the rods too close together.

9) If the Bed moves easily, tighten the Top Nuts on the threaded bars of the base. Check it again. Repeat as needed to get smooth travel on a firm base.

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