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Brook Drumm has created a series of videos that show the assembly process for the basic printrbot. As he produces additional videos and any for the printrbot LC and printrbot+ they can be added here too. Note that once you link to YouTube the videos will chain into a continuous running show. Well, at least the first 15 do this!

Brook's YouTube channel is here:

printrbot Jr. printrbot printrbot LC printrbot+
printrbot Jr. Video 01
Building the Printrbot jr. Part 1
printrbot Video 01
This video starts with the assembly of the threaded rod base.
printrbot LC Video 01
PBLC 01.jpg
Putting the base together and mounting the z-endstop. Helpful for assembling the printrbot+ too.
printrbot+ Video 01
PBLC+ 01.jpg
General printrbot LC and printrbot+ differences and assembly techniques.
printrbot Jr. Video 02
Building the Printrbot jr. Part 2
printrbot Video 02
This video continues with tightening and aligning the base assembly.

(Out of date - see You want to assemble the X-axis, Video 10/11, before this step so you know how wide to make the base.

printrbot LC Video 02
PBLC 02.jpg
Mount z-endstop, printrboard, y-endstop, z motors and feet.
printrbot LC and + Video 02
PBLC+ 02.jpg
Getting the components oriented correctly and printrboard mounting.
printrbot Jr. Video 03
Building the Printrbot jr. Part 3
printrbot Video 03
Installing the y-axis smooth rods.
printrbot LC Video 03
PBLC 03.jpg
Installing z motor shaft vinyl tubing, y motor pulley and belt idler assembly. Assemble heatbed and thermistor.
printrbot LC and + Video 03
PBLC+ 03.jpg
More of the same and completing the base assembly.
printrbot Jr. Video 04
Building the Printrbot jr. Part 4
printrbot Video 04
Installing the y and z motors and idler components and the bed supports.
printrbot LC Video 04
PBLC 04.jpg
Installing heatbed and y-axis drive belt.
printrbot Jr. Video 05
Building the Printrbot jr. Part 5
printrbot Video 05
Assembling the z-axis motor to threaded rod couplers
printrbot LC Video 05
PBLC 05.jpg
Assemble the extruder.
printrbot Jr. Video 06
Building the Printrbot jr. Part 6
printrbot Video 06
Y axis belt and print bed assembly. "Flatting" the motor shafts is discussed.
printrbot LC Video 06
PBLC 06.jpg
Assemble the bridge structure, mount x-axis motor.
printrbot Video 07
Tightening the y-axis belt and bed heater installation.
printrbot LC Video 07
PBLC 07.jpg
Assemble the x-carriage.
printrbot Video 08
Printer bed and heater design improvements explained. Glass heatbed cover discussed.
printrbot LC Video 08
PBLC 08.jpg
Assemble extruder mount and install the extruder.
printrbot Video 09
Z-axis end stop installation and printrboard mounting explained. Also showing the y-axis end stop.
printrbot LC Video 09
PBLC 09.jpg
Install z-axis leadscrews, x-axis drive belt.
printrbot Video 10
X axis carriage, beginning with the end stop mounting. Note design improvements and retrofitting original design.

I think this is wrong orderwise. I would attached the coupler to the x-motor, such that the geared part is furthest away from the body. Then I would mount the x-motor through the large hole, using three allen screws. Then mount the x-stop switch.

printrbot Video 11
Continuing the x-axis carriage assembly.
printrbot Video 12
Carriage assembly with z-axis bearings and leadscrew follower nut installation explained.
printrbot Video 13
Assemble the extruder.
printrbot Video 14
Continuing the extruder assembly, add hot end and mount to carriage.
printrbot Video 15
Getting close! Wiring the motors, end stops, heated bed and hot end to printrboard.
printrbot Video 16
Power supply installation, ATX power supply turn-on work-around. Best to solder or use wire-nut to avoid future problem, "twist and tape" is not long term reliable!