Kenwood TS480 Desk Holder

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Kenwood TS480 Desk Holder

Postby Jack Crow » 2018-Jul-Thu-07-Jul

Hi all,
This one is slightly involved due to the size.

The client wanted a holder for the control head on his fancy radio.
Worked out this.

The back of the control head had a narrow slot. No way a printed plastic part hold up to that kind of stress.
Had to use metal. Went to the hobby shop and found some thin sheet steel, cut it to shape.
7-3-2018 012.JPG

This turned out to be very solid. Just a tad sharp.
7-5-2018 002.JPG

7-5-2018 003.JPG

7-5-2018 007.JPG

7-5-2018 006.JPG

So that's my excuse and Im sticking to it.

Be well all.
Jack Crow
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Jack Crow
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Kenwood TS480 Desk Holder



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