Revised Ham Radio Battery Box

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Revised Ham Radio Battery Box

Postby Jack Crow » 2018-Jul-Wed-17-Jul

Hi all,
Been busy.
Some things went well and some went to hell on a rocket.
The place I was working at for the last three years went out of business on me.
Enjoying the benefit of Virginia Un Employment. It's not enough to live on.
Have an interview on the 9th that looks very promising, reasonable dollars and a relocation package.

Until then, I have to keep busy.
Ever notice how a kilo of filament is cheaper than a burger + beer at the local bar, and can last longer as well?
The printerbot is keeping me busy and out of the bars at night. Sounds like a win win scenario.

Fairly sure sometime in the past I posted about an interface panel I made for a ham radio battery box.

Had a client ask about designing an interface panel that will allow the battery boxes to stack.
His business involves making stuff used in conflict areas, enough about that.

His idea was to make a panel that fits inside the grab handle area of a harbor freight ammo box.
Was able to do just that.

Guess what, it all fits!
7-3-2018 002.JPG

7-3-2018 006.JPG

7-3-2018 008.JPG

7-3-2018 004.JPG

More when I know more.

Be well all.
Jack Crow
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Jack Crow
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Revised Ham Radio Battery Box



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