Battery holder for Icom BP-272Li

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Battery holder for Icom BP-272Li

Postby Jack Crow » 2018-Apr-Sat-18-Apr

Hi all,
Got a couple of Icom ID-51 hand held radios. The client wanted it modified in transmit frequency range for use with his Civil Air Patrol squadron.

So while they were here I got to looking at the battery housing and thought it would be a good subject for making one of my holders.

4-21-2018 001.JPG

This is the over view. Radio and the holder.

4-21-2018 002.JPG

This is from the footer looking toward the top. See how I had to add a slope to make it match with the slope on the front of the battery its self.

4-21-2018 003.JPG

This is the side view. Again with the slope near the top more or less matches the shape of the battery pack.

4-21-2018 004.JPG

This is the bottom view. It shows the holes for the terminals and four mounting holes.

4-21-2018 005.JPG

View from the top. It has openings for the latch pins that are part of the battery housing.

4-21-2018 006.JPG

The bottom footer. Took some doing to get it all to notch and fit properly.

Hope you like it.
Jack Crow
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Jack Crow
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Battery holder for Icom BP-272Li



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