WTB: Smalls Z-axis Upgrade

WTB: Smalls Z-axis Upgrade

Postby rrhill » 2018-Jan-Sat-13-Jan

I'm looking for the Z-axis upgrade for the Printrbot Smalls.
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WTB: Smalls Z-axis Upgrade



Re: WTB: Smalls Z-axis Upgrade

Postby lairdb » 2018-Feb-Fri-18-Feb

If you can't find the official gear, you could roll your own by starting with 2 longer rods and a longer jackscrew.

https://www.mcmaster.com/#98935A703 is a 12 inch jackscrew, and https://www.mcmaster.com/#6112K44 is a 200mm (8 inch) rod in the original 8mm diameter.

That said, I'd think rolling your own X upgrade would be easier than rolling your own Z upgrade. Longer bars, bigger bed, and some belt should do it.
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