The G2 Printrboard: wait and see?

The G2 Printrboard: wait and see?

Postby DavidYon47 » 2017-Feb-Sat-14-Feb

The new ARM-based board is in the store, with a good sales pitch to boot. Tempting for a lot of reasons, but the cascading dependencies and limitations are daunting:

  • Need the new hot-end
  • The new hot-end apparently requires upgrading the fan (and perhaps even putting in two fans)
  • You're SOL if you have a heated bed
  • No support for the original LCD

I just finished upgrading to the 4-step Z rod, the gear head extruder, and replaced the X/Y drive belts. That plus some calibration/lubrication has had a major effect on the the printer. So for right now I'm probably going to take a breather.

I've been tempted by the hot end for awhile, and it looks like the kinks have been worked out. Having to rework the cooling situation seems like a pain. But that's not a deal-breaker and would probably be for the better if I could get it on the air.

The LCD is actually pretty handy, not a deal-breaker but I'd miss it.

The heated bed? Now there's something I'm loathe to give up. In theory it could be manually controlled, but I don't have time to reverse-engineer a way to do that, and I haven't been able to find anybody who's posted how it might be done.

But does my list above accurately reflect things? If so, seems like you have to be pretty motivated and/or have lots of tinkering time on your hands.
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The G2 Printrboard: wait and see?



Re: The G2 Printrboard: wait and see?

Postby blort » 2017-Feb-Tue-20-Feb

no heated bed and no PB supported solution is a real dealbreaker for me. After sinking the money into the extended axis heated bed I don't really want to go back to tape.

I really want to get in on some of this super quiet stepper operation, increased accuracy at speed and all the jazz that comes with it. I just don't think I can start giving up features while putting new money in.
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Re: The G2 Printrboard: wait and see?

Postby brookdrumm » 2018-Feb-Mon-18-Feb

I know it’s an old thread, but thought I’d comment:

The g2 board does have heated bed support- always has, actually. The deal is if you use the cloud, it is not included. The cloud is for pla primarily. Although that feature should be available soon.

Anyway, the g2 board understands regular gcode so you can slice in cura, slicer, whatever and print w cura and repetier... printrun... octoprint but not simplify3d (complify3d ;)

It’s faster, quieter, 32 but arm. But you will need to set up your machine w a starting gcode to run it. It’s a one and done deal.

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