Logic board for Printrbot Metal Plus 1504

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Logic board for Printrbot Metal Plus 1504

Postby accuprintr » 2018-Aug-Fri-09-Aug

My logic board failed. I am trying to find a replacement board online with no luck. Last post on Printrbot.com was about a new site which will sell some parts.

I've used geetech board before and it's quality is bad. My board is fried - hot end no longer heats up and board is smoking.
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Logic board for Printrbot Metal Plus 1504



Re: Logic board for Printrbot Metal Plus 1504

Postby Mooselake » 2018-Aug-Fri-14-Aug

Ubishotends.com (the new site, a former Printrbot supplier) says they will be selling Printrboards, just not when they will start.

What's smoking on your board? Perhaps it's an easily repairable part?

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