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Postby printedsolid » 2014-Jul-Sun-10-Jul

Hello fellow Printrbot users!

My name is Matthew Gorton and I run We do all kinds of 3D printing stuff: printing service bureau, lost PLA casting, local printer service and sales (Northern Delaware). We have quite a few Printrbot customers already, but I thought I’d introduce myself and our services to the rest of you.

After about a year of printing, we discovered Netherlands based colorFabb and were so impressed with the quality and performance of the material that we decided to branch into importing their premium quality innovative filament materials to the US for resale and our own use. Note that at this time, we only offer US shipping as there are already many great vendors around the world to provide shipping within their own countries or regions.

colorFabb makes several different materials, all with premium process control including in-line 2 axis laser diameter measurement. These guys print routinely with all of their materials on many different printers, so they have an excellent understanding of what makes good filament. Their first was a blend of PLA with a small amount of another biodegradable polymer PHA (Polyhydroxyalkanoate). The addition of this material in the blend makes the filament and printed object tougher and a hair more flexible than other premium PLA while still printing at about the same settings you use for regular PLA.

They’ve also received a lot of attention for their filled materials. Woodfill and the brand new Bronzefill. Woodfill is different than other wood filaments in that it is made with pinewood and is in a PLA/PHA base. This gives it better temperature stability and improved mechanical characteristics. The part comes off of the print plate hard and ready to use rather than gummy like with other wood filaments. I imagine you’ve seen news articles about bronzefill. This is 80% by weight bronze in PLA. It’s brand new, so I don’t really have much else to say at this point.

Finally, they manufacture an excellent PETT based material called XT. This is a similar type of material to Taulman T-Glase and Madesolid PET+. Right now it is only available in clear, but opaque colors are coming soon.
We also carry other excellent quality brands: Taulman (t-glase, 618, 645, bridge), Protopasta (Carbon Fiber PLA and High Temperature PLA), and Ninja Flex. We have talked to some standard PLA suppliers, but have not yet decided to move forward with anything. We have no future plans to stock ABS.

Sample packs are available in our colorFabb materials for $9-$12 with free shipping and we will soon have free samples of High Temperature PLA available as an add on to other orders on request.

For the next two weeks, we will offer a 5% discount with coupon code printrbottalk.
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Postby evanalmighty » 2014-Jul-Sun-10-Jul

I've purchased from Printedsolid before and all I can say is Matthew is a class act. I bought a hexagon hot end that had a manufacturing tolerance issue and Mathew stepped up to right the ship even when the manufacturer didn't.
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