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Postby RickCompanje » 2014-Feb-Fri-10-Feb

Hello all,

For everyone who is interested, our Doodle3D WiFi-Box is available in the U.S. as well. The doodle3D is also compatible with the Printrbot. You can order one on Grand st. if you are interested.

Happy doodling! :)
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Re: Doodle3D

Postby thawkins » 2014-Dec-Thu-02-Dec

OlkhazarShishani wrote:Doodle3D is a very simple sketching tool enabling everyone to make his own drawing come to life with a 3D-printer. This way people can get familiar with the 3D printing technique not just by seeing how the printer works, but by creating something themselves. And all this without needing any knowledge of difficult 3D design programs. It'll allow you to create that much more with your 3D printer.

Any links to a product page?, sounds interesting.
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Re: Doodle3D

Postby Mooselake » 2014-Dec-Thu-11-Dec

Spammer building up their post count. History on Multiple posts on old topics.

End of quarter quota time? Found several of them today.

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Re: Doodle3D

Postby plexus » 2014-Dec-Mon-15-Dec

I have a Doodle3D. its pretty neat. you plug it in to the PB, configure it, load up some PLA, open the GUI in a browser and draw. it will print what you draw. for me not a lot of practical use though. i should post a review of it at some point.
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