SainSmart high quality PLA,ABS filament

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SainSmart high quality PLA,ABS filament

Postby SainSmart » 2014-Feb-Mon-04-Feb

I am Vicky from sainsmart.
We are a professional open hardware company specializing in Arduino compatible development boards and modules, oscilloscopes and 3D printing items. We can ship world-wide.
We offer high -quality and cheap PLA, ABS filament.
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SainSmart high quality PLA,ABS filament



Re: SainSmart high quality PLA,ABS filament

Postby Lemm » 2014-Feb-Fri-14-Feb

I really liked the sainsmart filament, but since you changed your shipping method from express to normal I have to wait 6 weeks for my filament (I live in germany). That's too long for me
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SainSmart high quality PLA,ABS filament

Postby Maves230 » 2014-Mar-Sat-01-Mar

Had very good luck with the tardis shade of blue PLA with these guys. Not a fan of the cardboard spool, but I'll take consistency.

They also checked in after the order to make sure the quality was to standard.
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