All Metal E3D Hotend - US Distributor

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All Metal E3D Hotend - US Distributor

Postby elmoret » 2013-Dec-Thu-12-Dec

Hi there!

AccelerationLabs (the company I started to produce the Filastruder) has become a distributor of the acclaimed E3D hotend:

(photos courtesy of adrian)

I've been really impressed so far, but don't take my word for it - here's a print with an E3D using PLA filament made on a Filastruder:


and one with ABS from a Filastruder:


Anyway, I talked to Sanjay (what a great guy!) and got things squared away. Here's the link to the store: ... e3d-hotend

Both prints were done by 2n2r5 over on Soliforum.

The first 10 orders can use the coupon code "NGGG7ZVM2N0K" for free shipping within the US. That brings the total cost to $69.99 shipped, when ordering from across the pond will run you $75.40 - assuming the currency conversion doesn't change much.

Hope this is okay to post here, just trying to help out some people that might be interested in an upgrade but didn't want to hassle with international shipping.
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All Metal E3D Hotend - US Distributor



Re: All Metal E3D Hotend - US Distributor

Postby mdfast1 » 2013-Dec-Fri-16-Dec

Is this a direct replacement for the UBIS hotend on printrbots? What modifications would need to done to get this integrated?
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