Nozzles, Hotends, Extruders

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Nozzles, Hotends, Extruders

Postby robotdigg » 2016-Aug-Fri-01-Aug

Drive gears as example
Nozzles, there are many nozzles from different supplier. How to determine?
Hotends, same with Nozzles.
Extruders, Same with Nozzles n Hotends.
What's your experiences?
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Nozzles, Hotends, Extruders



Re: Nozzles, Hotends, Extruders

Postby RecordBrownie » 2017-Mar-Fri-02-Mar

Spam deleted, placeholder for following discussion
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Re: Nozzles, Hotends, Extruders

Postby RetireeJay » 2017-Mar-Fri-08-Mar

RecordBrownie, this is the only (halfway) legitimate post you made today. You represent a 3D printing merchant, so you should keep your posts within the this sub-forum or the "Selling" sub-forum.
It is bad form to copy an earlier post in a thread, even if you re-state it in slightly different words.
You are warned. Abuse of the forum will get you banned.
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PB fan mount + 40mm fan -- using printed mount adapter, not the E3D supplied fan
Injection molded extruder gears
Optical Z "endstop" (custom designed and built)
Have used many pounds of T-Glase filament. Now also doing some work with Ninjaflex SemiFlex
Print on glass with Scotch Craft Stick or other glue stick
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Re: Nozzles, Hotends, Extruders

Postby Mooselake » 2017-Mar-Fri-13-Mar

RecordBrownie is posting from Pakistan, not a hotbed of 3D printing but well known as a source of spammers. Dewang sells "3D printing" pencils on Amazon. One (an old model) is 4/5 stars, but their similar products are rated 1 or 2 stars - although rates it 10 out of 95 similar products. No indication of "latest 3D developing printing technology" in my admittedly limited research. This post doesn't seem to add any value to our non-pen actual 3D printer site, and the recycled content of other posts is a typical spam technique where a limited grasp and fluency in the english language is an issue. Nothing against Mr. Brownie (likely his employment choices are very limited), but there's nothing to see here.

I don't see a compelling reason to retain this post or not ban this user. Of course, I'm known for being a bit of a hard liner with a fondness for a specific Queen video.

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