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Revolve3D Filament Discount

PostPosted: 2016-Feb-Thu-08-Feb
by Revolve3D
Hey guys,

Revolve3D offers high quality ABS and PLA filament along with plastic pellets for home extrusion. Our new flagship machine is also available for preorder.
We are new to this forum and just wanted to extend an exclusive offer to Printrbot Talk users. Use the discount code "Talk10" to get %10 off all orders. Everything we retail is guaranteed. If your not satisfied just send your order back for a refund. Feel free to contact us at anytime through this forum, soliforum, or email. Thanks for reading and happy printing.

Re: Revolve3D Filament Discount

PostPosted: 2016-Feb-Thu-09-Feb
by RetireeJay
Where are you located? People are on this forum from every continent, and some of them find shipping charges and tariffs to be a significant factor in selecting their preferred merchants.

Also, you suggest contact via e-mail, but you didn't provide an address. Although you are a new poster and therefore can't post links directly, you can post something like sales(at)merchantname(dot)com. And you can post photographs (like a JPG or PNG of your business card...); see sticky posts in newbie sections for instructions.

Just trying to be helpful. :) BTW, thanks for posting in the correct sub-forum.

Re: Revolve3D Filament Discount

PostPosted: 2016-Feb-Thu-10-Feb
by Revolve3D
Thank you RetireeJay.

We are located in Vermont, USA.

You can contact us at:


Our website is Revolve3D(dot)com

Revolve3D Filament Discount

PostPosted: 2018-Sep-Thu-09-Sep
by AdamDilzox
I do not have any scientific research on the bigger selection but if I search on for Filament Spule 1,75mm, I get >1200 hits and if I do the same for 3mm, I get 750 hits

Re: Revolve3D Filament Discount

PostPosted: 2018-Sep-Fri-08-Sep
by Mooselake offers a 3D printing service, but I can't find anything on filament or 3D printer sales.

Pretty brave to be offering a new 3D printer for sale these days (although they're still showing up on Kickstarter :-o and even some obvious fails are getting funded). What makes yours better than a Prusa MK3? A Monoprice Mini if you're on the cheap end?


Re: Revolve3D Filament Discount

PostPosted: 2018-Sep-Thu-08-Sep
by Mooselake