Request for additional information/resource for educational

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Request for additional information/resource for educational

Postby damauk » 2014-Dec-Thu-08-Dec

I am a member of the open group that helps individuals obtain low cost (free) prosthetics. A large number of the recipients of the hands that get made are children, many of them attend schools that do not have access to 3d printers or the resources to obtain them through traditional means.

Thanks to recent publicity in the past few months the groups online presence has swelled from around 1000 members to over 3000. Many individuals want to get 3d printing into their schools and often ask what printer to get, due to the reliability and affordability printrbot is always on the list.

I was wondering of there could be a page added to the education portion of your site that details ways for schools to fundraise for 3d printers, similar to what makerbot did in the link below. ... lassrooms/

I think this could really help teachers/parents/students get 3d printing into their classrooms.
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Request for additional information/resource for educational



Re: Request for additional information/resource for educatio

Postby David@Printrbot » 2014-Dec-Sun-11-Dec

Great post. We have an education site at which is dedicated to learning. Please post a comment on the site and send a tweet to @printrbotlearn and we will see what can be done.

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