Extra connectors on power jumper-SBlack Heated Bed

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Extra connectors on power jumper-SBlack Heated Bed

Postby temichaels » 2014-Oct-Tue-13-Oct

I just received the heated bed kit for a simple metal black printer. I am confused about the following: There is a 4 pin to 4 pin power supply jumper, yellow & black to red & black, which I understand. However; on that same jumper there are 2 ea 3 pin connectors (molex type) that don't appear to have mates to connect to on my version D board. Can you help on this.

PS. Are PB heated bed installation instructions available for the simple metal black.
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Extra connectors on power jumper-SBlack Heated Bed



Re: Extra connectors on power jumper-SBlack Heated Bed

Postby EddB » 2014-Oct-Wed-16-Oct

Two rows of 3-pin connectors. Sound like you got the upgrade for a Rev. F. Printrboard and you needed the one for the revision D printrboard.
Click on the F board and you will see that it has 2 rows of 3 pins for the atx power input.


If that's the case, printrbot will probably replace the cable with no problems.
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Re: Extra connectors on power jumper-SBlack Heated Bed

Postby David@Printrbot » 2014-Oct-Thu-00-Oct

If needed, you can open a support ticket here... https://printrbot.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
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