Is Zendesk your help desk?

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Is Zendesk your help desk?

Postby rigarashi » 2015-Aug-Sat-10-Aug

Can anybody help answer this quick question? Is Zendesk legitimate? Background: Yesterday, I tried to order some 3d printer parts from printrbot on line, but my order kept failing... my credit card details would not be accepted. Next day (today), I receive an email supposedly a noreply AT printrbot account saying that I seem to have attempted several times to place an order and that I should try again with the correct address associated with my credit card.

A quick check of the link to noreply from printrbot indicates it links to zendesk. While I normally would not be too suspicious of anything wrong, the noreply email I received had several cc addresses to it, one of which is my own email address. If it is a noreply email, shouldn't their email not contain any valid email address as cc, more specifically several email addresses?

It is really possible that zendesk has been hired by printrbot to act as your help desk. If legitimate, the cc addresses could be people within zendesk who are assigned to the printrbot account. Is this for real? Can you please help clarify this to me? I'm confused, concerned and hopefully paranoid (or otherwise, my credit card details may have been lost.) I'm worried that I may have been a victim of a phishing.

I'd like to forward a copy of the email I received but I couldn't find an email address in Printrbot's web site to send it out for analysis. I'll re-try to place my order on line if zendesk is legitimate for which I sincerely apologize to zendesk for my paranoia. Thank you.
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Is Zendesk your help desk?



Re: Is Zendesk your help desk?

Postby PxT » 2015-Aug-Sat-11-Aug

I'm not an official representative of Printrbot, however I can confirm that they do use Zendesk as a support platform.
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Is Zendesk your help desk?

Postby David@Printrbot » 2015-Sep-Wed-22-Sep

Yes, we use Zendesk. As for your card, we have been battling a lot of fraud lately. So you need to make sure you enter your correct billing info, etc. Sounds like you were flagged by our filters.
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