Having Fun With Repetier Light Settings

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Having Fun With Repetier Light Settings

Postby disback » 2013-Dec-Wed-19-Dec

So this is kind of silly to showcase, but I wanted to share it. If I've learned one thing from movies, having a totally cool looking system interface makes you look impressive and computer savy.

I finagled the light settings in Repetier while drawing from a TRON for inspiration. It took me a little while to adjust the settings, but now whenever I have co-workers come over to my desk, they immediately want to know what software I'm using simply because it looks so different (once they realize its just repetier, they always have a puzzled look). So here are a few screenshots of my setup, and another of my settings so that if you want to try them out, you can!

If there was only one feature that I could wish for in repetier, it would be a "constantly revolve" function that spins the camera around the model while it prints. I regularly left up the models from thingiverse while they were spinning so that co-workers could come by and see what was printing for the day (if it was a community part!).



Repetier color settings.png
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Having Fun With Repetier Light Settings



Re: Having Fun With Repetier Light Settings

Postby Node7Elec » 2013-Dec-Wed-21-Dec

That looks
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There is always time for another print!

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