My PB+V2

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My PB+V2

Postby REPRAP SQUAD » 2013-May-Fri-15-May

I just started making some modifications to my pb. I wish thingiverse had more available mods for the new V2. My biggest modification is the Printrstand. It has two channels on the top that holds the 2 feet in place. It also has 3 80mm fans (inlet and outlet) plus a monster 180mm fan to blow cool air up under the electronics and motor bay. The Printrstand also houses the xbox 360 power supply which is housed in a seperate area and has its own cooling channels. On the back of the Printrstand it has a spool mount that is locked to a hinge that can be adjusted up and down depending on my needs at the time.

Future mods include new belts and pullys (GT2s), electronics (as soon as some are figured out, our donated ones burnt up,) Acme Z rods and soon some stabilization mods for the z axis.

Pictures are shown with PLA setup, I haven't setup my heat bed and hotend yet because I am having issues with the extruder hitting allen bolt on the mount. I will update when I get those issues solved.
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My PB+V2



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