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Ventilation and light system

PostPosted: 2013-Feb-Sat-21-Feb
by vw1610
I was having issues with the ABS fumes hurting my eyes and vision so i finally made time to make a ventilation hood. I also threw on some led lighting.

I dont have a clue why the pictures are upside down. I even tried filppping them before uploading.

Re: Ventilation and light system

PostPosted: 2013-Mar-Mon-14-Mar
Looks pretty cool. I'm all about reusing parts, up-cycling is the way to go. I like how you recycled the sign. It definitely looks like a quality build. If your interested in some different mods check out my page. You can go there via my signature link. Keep up the good work and if your interested I would like to post your vent build on my blog and give credit to you of course. Thanks.