Nasa emailed a wrench to space

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Nasa emailed a wrench to space

Postby Corey Warren » 2014-Dec-Fri-13-Dec

I think this is so cool. ... ace-wrench

"When International Space Station commander Barry Wilmore needed a wrench, Nasa knew just what to do. They "emailed" him one. This is the first time an object has been designed on Earth and then transmitted to space for manufacture.

Made In Space, the California company that designed the 3D printer aboard the ISS, overheard Wilmore mentioning the need for a ratcheting socket wrench and decided to create one. Previously, if an astronaut needed a specific tool it would have to be flown up on the next mission to the ISS, which could take months."

Freakin awesome!
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Nasa emailed a wrench to space



Re: Nasa emailed a wrench to space

Postby Munson » 2014-Dec-Fri-18-Dec

I have heard of a 3d printed pizza pie on the space station.This is pretty cool
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