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Understanding problem with axes please help

PostPosted: 2014-Dec-Mon-12-Dec
by nepaholic
Ho all

its been a whole since my last visit.
I have finally finished my smartrap printer but have some understanding problem with the axes.
I remember from my original pb and Jr that the x axis is going from left to right and the y axis from front to back, is that right?
Because if I look on the smartrap the axes seems to be different...

I ask because I have a strange problem that I need help with, my y axis (front to back) seem to be mirrored
Printed yesterday a screw and the thread go into the opposite direction and I don't no why


Re: Understanding problem with axes please help

PostPosted: 2014-Dec-Tue-04-Dec
by Fabrice974
The creator of the smartrap made a mustake at the start
He define the x axis from back to front and the y , from left to right !
You just neef to rotate the smartrap 90deg clockwise to have the common orientation
It is not so important as soon as you have a direct coordonnate system