Upgrade with existing parts

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Upgrade with existing parts

Postby jstylen » 2014-May-Sat-22-May

To be blunt, I'm just not happy with my printrbot as it is. I bought a printrbot simple kit and have been upgrading it where I can. I have belt mods on both X and Y. Extended both X and Y axis but had to shrink my Y axis as it was too unstable. Rather than redesign half the printer I would rather just build a new one that I know will be more reliable.

TLDR: What would be the best design to upgrade to using as many of my existing parts as possible?

Not sure if this is the right spot to post this, mod please move if its not :)
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Upgrade with existing parts



Re: Upgrade with existing parts

Postby evanalmighty » 2014-May-Sun-03-May

What are you not happy about?
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Re: Upgrade with existing parts

Postby killbox » 2014-May-Sun-14-May

pretty much all the costly bits (motors/electronics/switches/rods/bearings) are there, not just you need to redo the frame into something like a RepRap. check out there forum. BUT you will need a another motor, most likely a brand new broad, new rods, New belts, and a brand new frame. the simple was built to give easy and cheap access with little knowledge of 3D printing. RepRap is like printrbot in that it's open source and can be modded to fit what you want. but they mostly have to source their own parts to build them. really the only usable parts off the simple would be the motors, hotend, and extruder. everything else your gonna have to find yourself
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Re: Upgrade with existing parts

Postby qual » 2014-May-Sun-15-May

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Re: Upgrade with existing parts

Postby REPRAP SQUAD » 2014-May-Sun-16-May

You have the good majority of the expensive parts already. Heres a pic of RepRap Squads Simple XL. I scaled up the simples design, majorly. Its about twic the size of the simple and it prints more than twice the print space. This was made from the simple builders kit. This is just an example to show you that you can start with the builders kit and take it wherever you want for not much added cost.
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