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MP Select Mini v2

Postby PxT » 2017-May-Mon-22-May

I succumbed to temptation and ordered an MP Select Mini v2 from Monoprice. $220 + California tax & $8 shipping. I ordered late on Friday afternoon and it got here Monday mid-afternoon. Not bad! I can't even get something from Printrbot that quickly and they're only in the next county over.

It comes fully assembled and nicely packed. Just one piece of tape to remove and you're ready to go straight out of the box. They recommend testing the factory calibration with a piece of paper (there's no Z probe Moose!), mine seemed close enough so I just fired it up without adjusting anything. Comes with a heated bed with what looks like a build-tak surface. SD card is included and it supports Wifi with a primitive web interface that allows file uploads and some (very) basic control.

First print with the sample GCODE that ships with the card doesn't look too bad. Some Z ringing but overall very acceptable for a $200 printer. This is a closeup of a small print so the flaws are accentuated.

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MP Select Mini v2



Re: MP Select Mini v2

Postby WayTooManyHobbies » 2017-May-Tue-05-May

That is nice for $200. I'm considering petitioning my bride for clearance on another machine, and was giving thought to the PB Small, but the Mini v2 is a nice option. I've also been watching for the Monoprice Delta, which was supposed to be released some time in April.

Lots of nice alternatives out there. I'd really prefer to go with the machine that supports a US-based manufacturer, though.
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