Importing to the UK, Tax Questions

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Importing to the UK, Tax Questions

Postby andy6a6 » 2014-Sep-Tue-18-Sep

I'm from the UK,

I want to buy the Printrbot Simple metal white (kit form) from the Printrbot store. (at the time of posting; that model isn't available in the UK - and the black variant isn't in stock at either the official re-seller, RoboSavvy, or Amazon) The total cost including delivery is $656.49 (UPS Express. I need it by 17th September). £404, UK tax rate is 20%. So final cost £488 - (not that much higher than the UK's official re-seller at face value). But I have several questions about the tax;

I assume UPS will forward the added VAT to me, but I don't know how that works. Do they charge the rate to me at the door, do I have to pay it to them before they will even come to my door? Is it just the flat tax rate or are there extra charges? Am I wrong that they'll pay it, do I have to pay hmrc directly? Tax laws are confusing.

(I would have posted in the regional forums, but they seem quite inactive)
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Importing to the UK, Tax Questions



Re: Importing to the UK, Tax Questions

Postby Extrudo » 2014-Sep-Tue-10-Sep

I was going to go down that route myself as I'm in the UK too, so looked it all up a few weeks ago. The VAT and the import duty would be payable to the person who delivered your item to your door, as they would already have paid it all for your and would need to be reimbursed. They may even charge an extra fee for this, depends which company delivered it. On a simple metal the duty is roughly £70-80 and then you would have to pay VAT on top of all that as you say. I bought a simple makers kit from robosavvy in the end as I got fed up waiting for stock and worrying about import taxes, etc.

A problem with importing from the States is if something goes wrong, you'd have to send the whole lot back and it wouldn't be cheap.
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