New Printrbot Play Owner in Omaha

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New Printrbot Play Owner in Omaha

Postby Bigdfromaz » 2016-Feb-Thu-10-Feb

I just got my first 3D printer for Xmas, a play, and I am really enjoying learning all about 3D printers. I've had a lot of luck and been learning mostly by lurking here and other sites, but it hasn't been without it's struggles. A few days ago I started having problems with bed adhesion and found my sensor bracket had broken. I was able to get it temporarily glued back together and contacted Printrbot. They sent me an .stl file of the bracket and luckily I was able to get one printed (it took several tries and changing filament). Now I have a couple extras printed in case it happens again. I did a search on here and have seen it's kind of a common thing. Any Play owners out there, I recommend finding the file on Thingiverse and printing a spare or two. Seems like the part will eventually fail, but it's also a fairly easy fix.
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New Printrbot Play Owner in Omaha



Re: New Printrbot Play Owner in Omaha

Postby Mooselake » 2016-Feb-Thu-13-Feb

@Bigdfromaz, welcome to the forum!

For some reason I thought Omaha was pretty cold, but you're a lot further south and I remember (well, oldtimers...).

A lot of us old timers are down on probes, as the tend to have reliability issues. 3D printing has a big learning curve, and the probe can help make that easier. When you're comfortable printing the way it is (might take a while), then look and see if you can "level" your your print bed and do way with the alien inspired device.

"Leveling" has nothing to do with spirit (ancestor or bubble) levels, but really means that your extruder tip is a consistent difference from the print bed, and that it stays the same over the entire surface. That'll most likely take shims and a bit of fiddling, so keep it in mind for the future rather than complicate things now.

At least that's the advice from a moose in a (very cold and snowy) swamp.

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