M3 screw/nut source.

M3 screw/nut source.

Postby EddB » 2014-Apr-Sun-15-Apr

Not sure where to post this since I am not selling/associated with any product/service in this post. It's more of a source than a review.
If you are like me, doing a lot of mods and searching home improvement and hardware store for a single m3 bolt. You'll find they have very limited supply, they are out of stock and when they are in stock, it cost $1 for 2 screws as 'specialty' hardware.
I ran across an unexpected source at my local Fry's Electronics and for $4.50! It comes with 300pcs m2, m3, m4 size nuts, bolts and washers. The real surprise is it comes from Velleman. They are philips screws (I prefer the allen wrench sockets) but there are plenty to keep you going for a while. They don't have them listed for sale on their site, but there are lots of distributors online. The link does show the exact parts list.


Now if I can find a similar deal for m3-25mm and 35mm bolts!
Hope this helps with your builds!
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M3 screw/nut source.



Re: M3 screw/nut source.

Postby evanalmighty » 2014-Apr-Sun-15-Apr

Nice find. I go to Fry's all the time and missed it.
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Re: M3 screw/nut source.

Postby ccbdav » 2014-Apr-Wed-20-Apr

EddB, do you happen to have a manifest with the actual sizes and numbers included with this kit? I have been looking for a nice source for metric hex heads, particularly M3s, and we don't have Fry's in this part of the country (Louisville, KY, USA).

The kit listed in the link seems very odd, and does not include any bolts/nuts/washers that I'm actually looking for.

In essence, I would really like to find a nice metric hex head kit with mostly m3 bolts/nuts/washers for Simple mods and other Arduino and DJI Phantom mods/upgrades. The local hardware stores simply don't have the 22, 20, 16 M3s I'd like to use.

Thanks for any suggestions (amazon links welcomed!).
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Re: M3 screw/nut source.

Postby Mooselake » 2014-Apr-Thu-05-Apr

Buy them in boxes of 25 or more instead of a kit, better choices and cheaper per screw. Assuming you live in the states, Fastenal, boltdepot.com, Grainger. Openbuilds.com has decent prices if they carry your size. Amazon, inventables, although I didn't check pricing. Etc. Don't forget some plastic divider boxes for storing your collection.

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Re: M3 screw/nut source.

Postby ccbdav » 2014-Apr-Thu-20-Apr

Thanks for the suggestions, Mooselake!
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Re: M3 screw/nut source.

Postby KDog » 2014-Apr-Thu-23-Apr

I haven't ordered any screws from these guys but they have gotten plenty of my money for other things. They have reasonable shipping costs which seals it for me.

http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/stor ... Bolts.html
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Re: M3 screw/nut source.

Postby Vapor » 2014-Apr-Sat-22-Apr

mcmaster not the cheapest, but fast shipping.

Fastenal They are kind of pricey as well, and you generally have to buy boxes of 50 or 100, but they do have locations in most cities where you can just go pick them up. I got 100 m3x25 for like $10 the other day.
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