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I gave it a few months to post my feedback just in case any problems arose, but everything seems to be good.

I ordered a few steppers from Makemendel, a hotend, a Panelolu2, a Printrboard, and an MK2 heatbed in the past.

Steppers - not too strong, but they move around a printer just fine. I did have a few skipping issues with my really heavy bed back when I used it, these motors are going on my restock now and will do fine. They are a good cheap backup at about $10 a piece.

Hotend - a good backup, its all brass so definitely not for anything that will be used by food, but it worked great for PLA and is a backup now.

Panelolu2 - perfect.

Printrboard - no issues, CDC boot loader which is even better than the original

Heatbed - good I guess, its metal, nice and strong! I was only able to get up to 80 C on it, but I think that was a power supply issue. Not comment on whether or not I recommend it. Buy at your own risk, like I said it works I just haven't determined what the heating issue was

Customer service - amazing. They get back to you over night (usually around midnight due to time differences) and they really are quite prompt with fixing issues.

All in all I would give them an 8/10. Definitely recommend them!
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