Robosavvy in London England - brilliant!

Robosavvy in London England - brilliant!

Postby jonclark » 2014-Jan-Thu-05-Jan

So I thought i'd just put this up here for anyone in the UK looking to buy from these guys.

I bought a Simple kit from them in November through eBay, they kept me up to date with shipping so I knew when it would arrive.

After finishing the build a few days later, I got back to them and let them know that I was missing some bits. Spoke to a guy called Scott in Tech Support. He is more on the Makerbot side (Robosavvy sell both MBs and Simples - possibly other PBs by now) but he was more than happy to copy down all the parts that I was missing, and he told me they would be coming from Portugal which was fine. The parts I needed were nothing that would stop me printing so that was ok. I received the parts a couple of days later, and they were correct.

This week the wires on my hot end fatigued to the point of one of them breaking, causing my hot end to rapidly cool and stop extruding filament mid print. I called them this morning and spoke to Scott again who remembered me. He took the heater out of stores and said he would ship it to my home address (which he took down) and didn't charge me for anything. He also took down my email and said he would email me with an update and when I could expect it.

So far I have had 2 issues in 1 month of ownership and both of them haven't cost me a penny to fix. It can be quite hard finding some of these hardware parts in the UK so this support is greatly appreciated.

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Robosavvy in London England - brilliant!



Re: Robosavvy in London England - brilliant!

Postby cacb » 2015-Mar-Sun-16-Mar

My experience with RoboSavvy
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