Good experience with healthyfatboy w/machined Al print bed

Good experience with healthyfatboy w/machined Al print bed

Postby plexus » 2013-Nov-Tue-22-Nov

I saw healthyfatboy selling machined aluminum print beds. so I commissioned him to make one for me. This is for my PB+. We decided on MIC6 at 1/4" with a thin channel milled out for a thermistor and a platinum temperature sensor. Here are pictures of them in the channel. This bed is about 228mm square. It will be mounted on a 6016 1/8" aluminum platform on a teflon bronze bushing carriage on a rail. that will be my new Y. The sensors will be cemented in with Arctic Silver or Alumina. If Silver I will have to make sure the teflon sleeves are up against the sensor body and likely coat with CA glue so that the Arctic Silver doesn't make contact - it is not conductive but it is slightly capacitive which would reduce response time. Probably not a big issue on the print bed due to its huge thermal mass. But if it can be mitigated easily its worth doing. I digress...

The final result speaks for itself: excellent work and thank you healthyfatboy
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Good experience with healthyfatboy w/machined Al print bed



Re: Good experience with healthyfatboy w/machined Al print b

Postby healthyfatboy » 2013-Nov-Tue-22-Nov

Glad it made it there quickly and you are happy with it. Good luck and enjoy printing!
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Printrbot LC Kit in PrintrBOX
PB bed stabilizer, leveler, fan mount, Y belt tensioner
Printed X-axis belt tensioner, spur gears, Z stabilizer
GT2 belts and pulleys
ACME lead screws and nuts
Hotend support (
0.4, 0.35 mm nozzles, eventually 0.2 mm
Reflectix and 3M metal tape under heated bed
Plain glass for now
Waiting for printbed temp...
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