Sainsmart filament

Sainsmart filament

Postby Lemm » 2013-Oct-Sat-12-Oct

It was my first filament order and I was really happy with it.
Good prices (about 30€/40$) and free shipping. The adhesion is very good
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Sainsmart filament



Re: Sainsmart filament

Postby SilverFingers » 2013-Oct-Sat-13-Oct

I ordered 3 PLA spools. One in white, one in black and one in green. The total came to around $103 USD which qualified me for free international UPS shipping.

They came vacuum sealed in high quality plastic spools (was expecting cardboard) with little silica gel packets to make sure they were dry.

My filament diameter seems to be around 1.68 - 1.73 and it works fine.

The only thing that I didn't like was that the green was WAY more transparent than they advertise on their website.
They should call it transparent green because you can actually see through it perfectly.

Both the black and white are 100% solid color though.

They have frequent sales on their filament, too. Right now you can get any colour of their ABS for $25 with free shipping. (china shipping)

Overall, I'm very satisfied.
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Re: Sainsmart filament

Postby JonS » 2013-Oct-Sat-19-Oct

I've been using their PLA (ordered via Amazon) for a while now. I'm happy with the results.
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