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PostPosted: 2013-Sep-Fri-14-Sep
by mdfast1

Robotdigg actually came through with a delivery of 2 GT2 - 20 tooth pulleys and a length of GT2 belt. Everything looked good, set screws were there, even a little allen wrench included. For that price you can't beat it if it holds up after use. We will see how Chinese parts work (there were no obvious flaws).

Shipping: Took about 2.5 weeks.

Response: His response time was pretty quick, even updated with a tracking number when I asked.

Website checkout is a little weird but overall it was a smooth process.

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PostPosted: 2013-Sep-Tue-22-Sep
by gyronictonic
Just got my orders from Robotdigg today. Took about 2.5 weeks to get stateside. Everything looks legit and the motors work flawlessly. Plus they came with connectors which goes into the Printrboard. Despite the non-conventional way of ordering, they follow through as promised. Definitely worth checking out!

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PostPosted: 2013-Sep-Tue-22-Sep
by Nickies08
I'm glad to hear you guys are having good experiences with your orders. That gives me a lot of faith in receiving my order! I still have a couple weeks for my motors to be built before they ship but the good experiences are getting me more excited. I'll be sure to post pictures of the 500mm Acme TR8*8 Nema 17 beauties once I have them in my hands (and finish drooling!).

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PostPosted: 2013-Nov-Tue-13-Nov
by Nickies08
I just got home from a two week vacation to a UPS delivery note on my door. My motors are here and they look beautiful! Also, they had them packed very well to handle postage.

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PostPosted: 2013-Nov-Fri-20-Nov
by Nickies08
So I have been printing with my motors for a week and a half now....I love them! They work smoothly, layer heights are precise and the 8mm lead allows the motors to easily lift the x-carriage without any issue. I would HIGHLY recommend the motors to anyone willing to spend the $$. You can save a lot of time and money by not going custom as I did. The reason I ordered them custom was so that I could use the anti-backlash nuts that Ribotdigg sells. If you don't mind sourcing the nuts from another place, you can order the pre-made models of Acme lead screw Nema 17's they sell.

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PostPosted: 2014-May-Wed-06-May
by xchip
Bad RobotDigg. They forgot so specify the shipping cost, when that happens the customs office applies some standard values and I had to pay 48 euros instead of 12.

RobotDigg says is not responsible for that, it is pretty clear that the 'customs value' is made up of:

+ the price paid for the goods (sales tax included);
+ the insurance cost;
+ the shipping cost.

I am very unhappy.

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PostPosted: 2014-May-Wed-11-May
by DJNOS1978
I love Robotdigg. In fact we buy a lot of stuff from, including specialized motors for our machines. We have 40 motors on the way now.

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PostPosted: 2015-Jun-Tue-10-Jun
by DJNOS1978
Most if our parts for our machines come from robotdigg. The motors are great.

My only complaint are the assembled extruders and wires.

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PostPosted: 2016-Jul-Sat-01-Jul
by robotdigg
2016, RobotDigg Equip Makers!
Thanks for all of you. This is Tiger Huang, founder of RobotDigg.
RobotDigg are trying to do our best to equip makers of Robotics, Drones, Open PnP, 3D Printer, 6 DOF
Wish all of makers come with brilliant kickstarter project :geek: