Postby plexus » 2012-Sep-Fri-15-Sep

I ordered 8 1kg spools of ABS and PLA from the delivery went pretty fast from china, took about 10 days for delivery. the price was excellent, lowest i've seen so far even including shipping at about $26/1kg (canadian). this was to toronto canada. i made an error in my shipping address and simon at took care of it quickly and generously. speaking of communication, i emailed them a number of times about things and always got a quick and direct response to my questions. i would not hesitate to order from them again!.
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Postby Mooselake » 2012-Sep-Fri-16-Sep

That agrees with my experience. I ordered 1 kg of abs and 5 kg of PLA from them back in the waiting for bot period. I had some problems with shipping costs on their web site and a color problem (they shipped gold instead of green); Simon straightened them out, and we had an ongoing email conversation. My architect daughter spent a summer in Beijing a few years back; too bad she couldn't have made a side trip and loaded up her spare luggage weight with filament.

So far I've used gold ABS and am just starting with natural PLA. No problems with either, consistent diameter and extrude properties. I'm fully satisfied with the product, strongly recommend them, and wouldn't hesitate to order from them again.

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Postby eddiema » 2012-Sep-Fri-21-Sep

I got my second order last week. It arrived so fast I wasn't expecting it.

I posted before that the ABS in the first lot seemed damp - this lot was fine.
The colour change plastic has proved popular - enough time must have passed since the colour change t-shirt and jewelry fad that it is novel again.

I will order the other colour change colours and conductive next time.

One more thing - I ordered the natural glow in the dark PLA the first time and found it pretty lame - maybe the green stuff glows better.
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Postby Marcus » 2012-Sep-Sat-16-Sep

To germany I get the shipping quote of

27 Dollar for 1kg - via Fedex
130 Dollar for 10kg

Is it that much cheaper to other countries? :-( Too bad, the color changing or cheap other stuff would have been great.
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Postby Eyebrow » 2012-Oct-Sun-21-Oct

$14 per kg
$11 per kg Shipping to Australia!
Grand Total $25.

woohooo get on board with that!
And to think I was going to buy it locally at $45 a kg. + shipping.
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Postby pocketscience » 2013-Jan-Wed-23-Jan

Just got my second delivery from - so fast I wasn't initially certain what it was! Ordered it on the weekend, and it arrived today (Thursday) in Sydney! Awesome - I now have black and more of their silver. Time to print the Star Wars Scout Trooper replica! :)

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