What are default software settings?

What are default software settings?

Postby Rosebug » 2013-Aug-Sat-19-Aug

Have had this LC Printrbot for over a year. Was a backer 193!
This week, got USB soldered back on and a replacement nozzle.
So now playing around in pronterface and slic3r dialog boxes for first time in a year and totally screwed up the settings.

Can any one please provide the default or good-place-to-start settings.
Or how to return to default settings.
Or an .ini file or screen shot, or list would be great.
Surely this would be handy for other people too.

Yes I have followed the "getting Started" guide to the best of my ability. Several times now.
I have searched this forum and the web and my own notes....
I do not want to build 3D printers, I do not want to write code for them, I want to print with them.
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What are default software settings?



Re: What are default software settings?

Postby RetireeJay » 2013-Aug-Sat-19-Aug

First, Printrbot HQ now is recommending Repetier instead of Pronterface for your user interface. It has really nice tools like a screen where you can see all of your calibration settings, speed limits, etc. in one place and you can even restore the factory settings from that screen. You find it under Config > Firmware EEPROM configuration.

If you want to revert to factory settings the bare-bones way, then use the "command line" in either Pronterface or Repetier to issue two commands:
M502; to load factory default settings into your working memory, and
M500; to store those settings into EEPROM.

Repetier also has a menu item called "Tools" which gives you calculators for your X, Y, and Z calibrations based on the hardware you are using (belts, 5/16 screws).
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Re: What are default software settings?

Postby Mooselake » 2013-Aug-Mon-08-Aug

Hi, Rosebug. Welcome back! Wondered what happened to you.

Did you mean that you want to restore your slic3r/pronterface settings, or that you want to reset your printrbot's calibration numbers?

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Re: What are default software settings?

Postby aashton » 2013-Sep-Wed-06-Sep

Default settings in software are the settings with which the software is delivered.
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