Postby bbrown64 » 2016-Mar-Sun-08-Mar

Thingiverse is not working for me today 3-20-2016. No matter what I put in to search. It comes back with 0 results. I restarted my computer to check to see if that corrected the issue. It did not. I removed it from my bookmarks as well. Still did not make any difference. So I sent Thingiverse a message about not working.
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Re: Thingiverse

Postby orangefurball » 2016-Mar-Sun-12-Mar


Works fine for me!
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Re: Thingiverse

Postby JonS » 2016-Mar-Sun-23-Mar

Works fine for me too.

Are you sure you are connected to the internet?

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Re: Thingiverse

Postby frankv » 2016-Mar-Mon-03-Mar

Try clearing your browser cache
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Re: Thingiverse

Postby olendorf » 2016-Mar-Mon-06-Mar

It wasn't Bill's pc problem. It was not working for me either. The must have fixed it pretty quickly though.
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Re: Thingiverse

Postby thawkins » 2016-Mar-Mon-07-Mar

olendorf wrote:It wasn't Bill's pc problem. It was not working for me either. The must have fixed it pretty quickly though.

Most large services are run via a "farm" of servers, often 100's, it's common for a bad code deployment to effect only a subset of machines that make up the service, hence different people can see a service as working or not working based on which server they get attached to when they start thier session.
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