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Printrbot Crawlbot ???

PostPosted: 2019-Aug-Mon-21-Aug
by shelby50411

i have a chance to buy a printrbot crawlbot never used for $1000

it seems like a gimmick of a machine but it may have some uses

the electronics are just junk
the z height is too limited
way way underpowered stepper driovers and motors

but for $1000 should i even be interested or just run away???

anyone ever use one of these ?

Re: Printrbot Crawlbot ???

PostPosted: 2019-Aug-Tue-09-Aug
by Mooselake
I don't believe that Printbot sold very many of them, and with a quick giggle didn't find any complementary non-marketwank comments from anybody that actually used one. I think it may have been one the distractions that kept Printrbot from succeeding.

It's been discussed here before, some of those comments might help you.

I don't know what you have in mind for it, but if it were me I'd run away. Maybe if you could get it for about 1/10th that price and like to fiddle with machines but if you want to actually use your CNC router look at either the ShapeOKO3, one of the openbuilds kits, or for the takes a lot of fiddling but works well for many, a MaslowCNC.

I'm temporarily separated from the Mooseshop, and recently acquired a Genmitsu 3018 Pro (there's lots of clones, Sainsmart appears to actually provide customer support). It's seriously light duty, and quite small (30x18cm), but it's cheap and a learning tool if you're just starting out. I'm currently experimenting with guilloche engraving aluminum, and the operator is currently more of a limitation than the machine.


Re: Printrbot Crawlbot ???

PostPosted: 2019-Aug-Tue-11-Aug
by shelby50411
thanks im not looking to buy a cnc router i jsut saw this crawlbot advertised and was wondering if 1000 was ok price since it retailed for $3500 new

it does seem like a failed gimmick of a design and you are right i would not buy it unless i can get it for 500 and under just for the hell of it

the seller has it listed for 2500 which i told him nooen will buy it..its a failed design and just a ridiculous underpowered and overpriced machine

he said he would take 1500 then and isaid heck now..he then said 1000 final

it didnt sell becasue its a failed design and a gimmick...